Teh Big Slash meme

Read and/or write?I read & translate English fics into German
Since when?approximately 2 years
How did you stumble into slash?I just thought I'd give it a try with one story... then I was hooked
Your first fandom and pairing:BtVS/AtS - Spike/Angel
The first person you told about your new hobby:My boyfriend
The fandoms you read:BtVS, AtS, LotR, LotR RPS, PotC, Harry Potter, Highlander, Smallville, StarWars
The fandoms you write:none, but I translate BtVS/AtS, PotC
Your favourite pairings:Spike/Angel, Harry/Draco, Sirius/Remus, Aragorn/Legolas, Viggo/Orlando, Will/Jack, Duncan/Methos, Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan
Favourite genres:Angst, Romance, H/C, Adventure
Least favourite pairings:Anything involving guys who are smaller than my little cousins
Least favourite genres:Mpreg, Marriage!Fics and Child!Fics I guess, though lately I happened to come across some that were pretty damn good
What makes a story good?emotions, character development, suspense, plot
What makes a story bad?one-dimensional characters, OOCness, badly written sex, unconvincing character development
The best author:for me... Jenny aka Lady Moluk - she's a Goddess
Why?She's got an amazing grip of the characters, writes incredibly hot sex scenes and there's so much love and emotions in her stories. I also love all the different layers in her stories and the psychological subtext.
The best story you've ever read:Too many to count. Though "As it was, so shall it be" will probably always be one of my favourites. It was the first one to haunt me in my dreams after I read it.
The worst author:Don't know... I tend to forget stories I disliked.
Why?Probably because it was a MarySue or had countless grammar and spelling mistakes in it. That's the stuff I can't forgive. English is my second language and if *I* notice the errors the author really needs a beta badly.
The worst story you've ever read:Some Spangel-Mary Sue I think. Though I've seen a lot of stuff that made me want to rip my eyes out...
The best story you have written:Don't write, sorry.
The worst story you have written:Again... I'm not a writer (thank God!)
Do you leave feedback?Sometimes... not always. I know I suck.
Do you get feedback?For my art sometimes...
Do you have a favorite kink?More than just one... so no - no favourite I guess...
Does something squick you?Toe sucking... ewwwww... child sex, incest
Is slash simply sex?No
Is slash a way of life?I guess you could say that...
How much time do you spend reading/writing?Couple of hours each day
Do you have RL friends who slash?Yes
Have you made online friends through slash?Yes
Do you think slash is just a phase?I hope not... I have way too much fun reading it.
Could you simply stop slashing?No... I'm an addict.
What do you think about...
Ratings G to PG-13I don't mind them at all if there's good plot and good character development. I don't need sex if there's enough angst and romance.
Ratings R to NC-17I take a well written sex scene anytime... though I do like some plot to go with it.
AUsI love them. I've read some interesting AU stuff over the years.
ARsHaven't read many of those...
CrackficsNot for me, thanks.
PornI like it now and then if it's well written... but mostly I prefer plot.
AngstI love it, love it, love it... LOVE IT.
MushSure... though it *can* get too much.
LoveEssential for me.
RomanceLove it.
BDSMI really like it now and then... but it needs to be well written and it doesn't work for each and every character.
DarkficsSometimes, but mostly I prefer happy endings.
DeathficsI've read some I liked... but I wouldn't want to read them every day. Way too depressing.
Non consensual/rapeI don't mind it in H/C stories, but reading rape in RPS kinda squicks me.
Rape recoveryGoooooood...
RPSYep (but only one pairing so far)
RPGNever been interested.
First timesI love them.
Established relationshipsThose I love, too.
ThreesomesTry to avoid them... mostly I want my boys to be exclusive.
m/m slashMy drug of choice...
femmeslashOnly read one or two so far... they're okay I guess, just not my cup of tea.
Slashing a children's book/movieDon't mind that... I do read HP slash after all.
Chanslash Kinda squicks me. I don't mind, if the characters are not too young in the stories. 16 is okay I guess. I don't like kid/adult pairings though.
Explicit sexOh yeah.
The importance of charactarizationEssential
OOCnessDon't like it when it becomes too obvious. Though OOC is something you can always argue about. Not everybody sees the characters like I see them.
CanonLike it.
FanonLike that one, too.
ClichesWhy not... if they turn out to be a good read.
SupernaturalLove it when it's well done.
MPREGHate them most of the time, though I've read some great ones lately. Just don't turn one of the boys into a wimp.
WingficsWhy not... only read one so far and I liked it.
GenderfuckBah, not for me.
CrossoversHaven't read a good one so far. I'd love to though
Group Slut FicsNope
May/DecemberDon't mind that.
Het pairings in a slash ficNot if I can avoid them.
PWPsSometimes... but they need to be well written.
WIPsHATE THEM... especially when they're good but abandoned.
LJ fics and communitiesLove them, great fic supply.
Mailing listsUsed to live there...
Big Name FansSuck most of the times.
Politics in a slash storyBoring
Religion in a slash storyErr... I don't even care about it too much in RL...
Wake up Gay*lol*
And finally....